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Hawley Lake Wallenpaupack Lawyers
Spall, Rydzewski, Anderson, Lalley, and Tunis, P.C. is a law firm in northeast Pennsylvania since 1985, the firm has provided legal counsel to clients that range from business owners to national corporations to individuals. Matters are handled in a timely and effective manner, by attorneys that understand the business, are sensitive to the market and have the depth of resources necessary to succeed.

The firm’s clients are corporations, small and mid-size businesses, and individuals. Spall, Rydzewski, Anderson, Lalley, and Tunis, P.C. has established powerful practices for solving and resolving transactional and litigation matters, including, real estate, estate, litigation, and corporate law. Many clients turn to us for personal legal services, including trusts and estates, real estate, personal injury and family law.  We are experienced in

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Backgrounds in industries including health care, banking and insurance combined with the ability to navigate through municipal and government channels, puts the firm and its clients in the best position to succeed. It is that ability to identify the underlying issue, provide practical advice and serve as a trusted counselor that has allowed the firm to establish long-term relationships that have lasted for generations.

With offices directly across from the PPL Environmental Center on Lake Wallenpaupack, Lords Valley, Clarks Summit and Peckville, the firm and its 5 attorneys are easily accessible to our local clients. At the same time, the firm’s numerous locations make it easy to handle matters throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania.

As solid corporate citizens, the firm and its attorneys contribute heavily to Northeastern Pennsylvania’s legal, civic and charitable organizations. It is that mutual sense of commitment between community and Spall, Rydzewski, Anderson, Lalley, and Tunis, P.C. that allows it to continue to grow after more than 25 years in business.

In changing times, the firm continues to work with clients that seek creative means to a positive resolution. Whether the use of alternative dispute resolution makes a corporate or domestic matter more effective and efficient than litigation, alternative fee structures make more sense, or simply through the use of improved technologies, the firm understands the pressures and expectations of our clients.

We look forward to having the opportunity to serve your legal needs. Please feel free to contact our attorneys or staff for additional information.